How to set up sync for Booking Package and Google Calendar

This function has been discontinued.
Step 1: Enable the Google Calendar API
  1. Open this Google Developers Console to create or select a project. Then go to the APIs & Services, click the "ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES" button.
  2. Please looking for the Google Calendar API, and click the service, then enable to click the "ENABLE" button on The Google Calendar API pages.
Step 2: Create Service Account
  1. Open the API & Services, then click the "Create credentials" button in the Credentials tab, and select the Service Account key.
  2. The Service account select a new service account, enter the Service account name "Booking Package", The Key type select the JSON, and click the "Create" button. (If "Service account has no role" is displayed, please click "CREATE WITHOUT ROLE" button)
  3. Copy the character string in the downloaded JSON file to the "Service account" on the Sync page in the General Setting.
  4. At the top of the page, select the Domain verification tab. Click the "Add domain" button. Then enter the Domain YOUR WEBHOOK URI, and click the "ADD DOMAIN" button.
    YOUR WEBHOOK URI is code below.
Step 3: Create a new Calendar in Google Calendar
  1. Open your Google Calendar, and create a new calendar for Booking Package.
  2. Click the Setting and sharing of the calendar that you created. Then click the "ADD PEOPLE" button on the "Share with specific people", enter the YOUR CLIENT ID on the "Add email or name" fields, select the "Make changes and manage sharing" on the Permissions fields, and click the SEND button.
    YOUR CLIENT ID is code below.
  3. Copy your Calendar ID at the integrate calendar, then enter the Google Calendar ID on the Setting tab in the Calendar Setting.